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Campervan travel in Moab Utah

About Us


Purpose: Create an inspiring product and workplace with an abundance of creativity, ambition, lightheartedness, seriousness, and drive for perfection.

Personality: We take pride in our work. Our inner selves are reflected by our work in ways our personalities are not always able to show. We strive to make our work combine the most efficient, adaptive, and simple systems to create spaces that work, and work well. Our design and engineering background sometimes suppress our creative spirit, but by pushing our limits in the ice- and snow-covered mountains, we attempt to maintain the balance.  We project that balance into the structures we design. We also like a cold beer and cross-country road trips.

Promise: The hardest thing to write may be a promise to someone, especially a promise to a customer that is used to being targeted by sales teams that have one goal.  We are different. We do not have a sales team. We let our work speak for itself.  Our promise, is to fully understand our product, because we have touched every aspect of it. We have built it. We are driven by challenges whether it comes on a mountain or in the shop. The challenge of applying our breadth of skills with your customizations only fuels our spirit.


We like our snacks.

Tiny Living Consulting's team brings together diverse and complimentary experiences. We asked one of our interns to tell you a little about us: 

When working in the shop, it is not about work, it is about living. This is Cody and Dennis's true passion and the enthusiasm is impossible to miss. I have often heard someone say something along the lines of, "We want to be the best, not at appearances or advanced tech or anything (marketable) like that, but the best!"  I've seen the truth in it. I watched late nights turn into early mornings of perfectionistic insulation packing, a component that clients are barely even aware of. This energetic all night work isn't a grind to meet a deadline, it's because Cody and Dennis can't sleep until they know they've done their best work. Although they take immense pride in their work, it is the joy they feel doing it that drives them on like this. I will never forget those late nights of laughter, good tunes and shouted measurements.

- Jeremy

Woodworker and fabricator
Cody Harnish
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I am intimately aware of the necessity for coherence in a space that will function as a complement to the movements of daily life (read: I've hit my head on some short lofts and poorly designed overhead cabinets). My dreamer mentality is able to become a reality when coupled with my wood and metal working experience.

My past experience lies with off-grid systems, 3D rendering, and structural engineering. I love adding the pieces to the puzzle of a complex build and seeing where the design takes me.  A favorite strategy of mine is to let the mechanical systems govern the geometric layout of the build and adjust to create  an architecturally relevant housing for it all. 

Custom builder and fabricator
Dennis O'Heney
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With previous experience in marine structural engineering, I've developed a true appreciation for resiliency and efficiency.  When designing my own van conversions, I held these principles paramount throughout the process.  With only 72 square feet of total living area, the designs need to provide a cohesive efficiency that serve both my professional needs, as well as my climbing and mountaineering requirements.  
I feel vindicated in my passion for living a tiny lifestyle and pursuing a career in helping others to realize their own "tiny" goals.

Adventure Road Trip Mountains

Meet Myla. She is our boss and project manager. If there is ever a missing roll of tape or food spill, she is the one to call. Do not let her good looks fool you; we know what her insides contain. She has eaten some truly questionable things.


A favorite quote of ours: "No Myla, you can't eat that."

OG Shop Dog

Meet Makita, the newer model. Her namesake was light-bulbed in our shop and she is just as mighty as the name implies. She is the one to call if a foundation ever needs to be dug or if it's snack time.

Her ideal habitat is wet, gross, or in your way.


Shop Dog 2.0

And Start Packing for Your Next Adventure


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