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Our Team

As structural engineers and design consultants by day, we have been pursuing "tiny" alternative lifestyles in our personal lives for the past two years.  Living full time in our custom designed and self-built tiny home and cargo van, we've been ecstatic at the opportunity to merge our love for engineering and design, with our passions for tiny living.
Intimately aware of the necessity for all components to operate in complete harmony, we truly understand the balance of function, efficiency, aesthetic design and creature comforts that are needed to make a tiny life work!  Whether designing your space for full-time living, or simply looking for help on your weekend adventure van, we've got you covered!
Our experience with off-grid designs comprise solar power systems, engine-tied electrical systems, water management, rainwater collection, and heating and cooling systems for temperate to severe climates.  With each new design comes a different challenge and one more "tiny" goal that we get to help a client realize.
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