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Off-Grid Design

Looking to take your adventure rig or tiny home off the beaten path?  Let us help get you up and running with a solar or wind power generation system. 


Looking for water sources?  We can help you design a compact filtration system to fill your potable tanks from a local stream or pond.

Want something more sustainable? We'll help you couple a filtration system with a rainwater collection setup.

Whatever it is you're looking for, we're here to help!

Wind and Solar Power

Rainwater Collection







One of the biggest facets of living tiny is the ability to get off the grid.  Well, in this day and age, that's pretty much impossible if you don't have a reliable way to charge your phone or computer.

There are many ways to configure an off-grid electrical system; let us put our expertise to work for you

Wind and Solar Power



Tired of shuttling water to your tiny home all the time?  Or perhaps you're driving to RV parks and campgrounds to fill up the reserves in your adventure van?

Often times, water storage is a controlling factor in how long you can stay off the grid; however, a properly designed rainwater collection and filtration system can solve those problems!

Rainwater Collecton

Water Filtration

So you've got water storage, but what needs to go between the tank and the faucet?  With many different filtration options out there, we're here to help you narrow the options down and select a system that suits your needs.

Offering assistance in selecting off-the-shelf products or a complete customized system, we're here to help!

Sustainable Architecture

As engineers, we're no strangers to the design of various structures.  With passions for environmentally conscious designs, sustainability, and off-grid living we incorporate these values into our work and strive for responsible and sustainable designs.

Reach out to us for any assistance in designing your tiny home or adventure vehicle!

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