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By making this electronic purchase, you have immediate access to a downloadable, itemized list of the components that make up the Rainwater Filtration and Sanitizing System including links to the individual products on  Additionally, if requested a shared list from can be sent to you directly, which will automatically populate your amazon shopping cart with all components of the system.  Also included in your purchase is a complete visual overview and extremely user-friendly schematic of the system. Schematic components actually resemble the component to be used instead of complex symbols and lines.


This system is designed for typical rainwater quality and collection areas that are free of hazardous toxins or materials, which can include metal or shingle roofs.  This system includes everything from the rainwater water storage barrel to the filters, sterilizers, pump, and fittings.  You are responsible for connecting the output after the last filter in the system to your filtered freshwater storage tank.  We have designed our system to be cost effective for the long term as well as robust to ensure quality water output.  The pump and UV sanitizer are selected to ensure longevity of the system as well as adequate capacity with a large factor of safety (the UV filter can handle 2x the flow rate of the system).  For a short-term system, these components can be decreased in capacity, which would decrease cost.  If any components in this system are swapped out, ensure the exact same connections are replaced or appropriate adaptors are purchased.  This system uses NPT for all threaded connections (except at the rain barrel connection that uses a standard garden hose connection) and pex connections where possible.


Individual components of this system include:


  • On-demand Self-Priming Water Pump (6.8 gal/min, 70 psi)


  • 12 GPM UV Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer (to kill any viruses)


  • Five Filters (to remove contaminants from sediment size down to and including bacteria) including one Pre-filter, one spin-down Reusable Filter, and three Main Filters (including replacement cartridges and a clear filter housing)


  • Rainwater storage barrel


  • Gutter Guards


  • Pressure Gauges (to indicate when a filter needs replacement)


  • All required fittings and connections


  • All hoses and tubing (5/8” to 3/4” hose and tubing used throughout)


Total System Cost as of July 2019 = $851.37 + $13.69 tax*


Approximate Price Breakdown:

  • UV Sanitizer = $170
  • Pump = $95
  • 50 Gallon Rain Barrel = $80
  • Reusable Spindown Filter = $60
  • Main Filter Housing = $50
  • 18 Filter Replacements = $50 (not at bulk price)
  • Pressure Gauges = $35
  • Pex Tubing = $40
  • Shutoff Valves = $40
  • Adapters, fittings, check valve, miscellaneous =  $230


           *tax will vary depending on your location


System Requirements and Maintenance:


  • Two 120V receptacles (one for the pump and one for the UV sterilizer)


  • Freshwater storage tanks (for after the water is filtered).  Alternatively, this system can be used to provide water on-demand in certain cases.  Contact us for additional information on these cases.


  • Rainwater collection surface of any size (200 SF can provide all the water a reasonably efficient and water-conscious home needs)


  • Occasional filter cartridge replacement for the three main filters.  Time will vary based on use, but typically every 200 to 1500 gallons.  Filters can be bought in bulk for around $2 per filter, which equates to significant money savings compared to purchasing water.


  •  The UV bulb will need to be replaced approximately every year as required by the manufacturer.


  • Ensure your local regulations allow water harvesting and apply for a permit if necessary.


Tools Required:


  • Two adjustable wrenches (a pipe wrench can be useful).


  • Pex Cutter or tool to provide clean, 90 degree cut to tubing (available for around $15 at your local department store)


  • Pex Crimper (available for around $50 at your local department store)


  • Water-grade Teflon tape for threaded connections (usually white, not yellow)


Important Notes:


Note that some items in this system may be replaced with similar products if product availability or price at a given time has changed.  We will do our best to provide replacement alternatives in this case.  Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information or help. 


The pump included in this system is designed to be robust to extend its life expectancy and increase the cost effectiveness of this system over time.  Cheaper pumps may be used, but will likely require more frequent replacement.  The typical operating pressures of this system are significantly lower than the pumps rated pressure for this purpose.


Please allow up to two business days to receive your cart verification for this automatic method.


Terms and Conditions:


By purchasing this digital product, we do not warranty any individual product.  We (Tiny Living Consulting LLC) are solely providing a service to save you time it would take to perform the research and find the individual products and to save you money that you would otherwise spend by purchasing wrong fittings, etc.  By purchasing from us, you agree that you understand the service we are providing and accept all terms.  We do not assume any risk or liability for installation or use of the system described herein.  We will work with you to provide guidance with problem solving or alterations you would like to make to the system within reason.  If this system will supply drinking water or for cooking, it is necessary to have your water tested by a qualified person prior to consuming.  Incorrect use or misuse of this system is at the sole responsibility of the purchaser. We are not responsible for damage that occurs as a result of use of any components of this system.  However, we can provide guidance to solve any issues that may arise with your system due to your personal installation requirements.


This system is considered intellectual property of Tiny Living Consulting LLC (TLC) and is protected by national copyright laws and international treaties.  Any distribution or use of the system outlined herein for commercial or use other than personal use is strictly forbidden.  We understand that these components may be purchased and installed by a professional by hire.  The compilation of these components shall remain intellectual property of TLC and not be used for financial gain by anyone or any other entity without written consent of TLC.

Rainwater Filtration System Purchase List and Schematic

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