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Purpose: Create an inspiring product and workplace with an abundance of creativity, ambition, lightheartedness, seriousness, and drive for perfection.
Personality: We take pride in our work. Our inner selves are reflected in our work in ways our personalities are not always able to show. We hope our work will combine the most efficient, advanced, and simple systems to create spaces that work, and work well. Our design and engineering background sometimes suppress our vision, but by pushing our limits in the ice and snow covered mountains, we attempt to maintain our balance and project that balance into the structures we design. We also like beer and building things.
Promise: The hardest thing to write may be a promise to someone, especially a promise to a customer that is used to being targeted by sales teams that may or may not understand the product they are selling.  My partner and I’s promise, is to fully understand our product, because we have designed every aspect of it. We have built it. The challenge of applying our previous building techniques with your customizations only fuels our spirit.
Meet our newest project manager, Myla!

The Owners

Dennis O'Heney
With previous experience in marine structural engineering, I've developed a true appreciation for resiliency and efficiency.  When designing my own van conversions, I held these principles paramount throughout the process.  With only 72 square feet of total living area, the designs need to provide a cohesive efficiency which serve both my professional needs, as well as my climbing and mountaineering requirements.  
I feel vindicated in my passion for living a tiny lifestyle and pursuing a career in helping others to realize their own "tiny" goals.
Cody Harnish
I am intimately aware of the necessity for coherence in a space that will function as a complement to the movements of daily life. My dreamer mentality is able to to become a reality when coupled with my wood and metal working experience.
My focus lies with off-grid designs, architectural rendering, and structural engineering. I love piecing the puzzle pieces of a complex build together, determining water management strategies, electrical and plumbing needs, heating and cooling solutions, and of course, an architecturally relevant housing for it all. 
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