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At TLC, we offer a full suite of services for tiny homes, adventure vans, and skoolies.  We know that adventures come in all shapes and sizes, and your home isn't any different!  As adventurers and tiny-dwellers ourselves we understand the importance of functional designs. We work with the latest technology and woodworking techniques to bring your ideas to life!

Are you new to fabricating and building and need to know where to start?  We've got you covered! Are you halfway through your build and just looking to talk through an idea? Let's work through it together. Our experience with design, building, materials, appliances, and components can be on your side to ensure your build is a success.

1 on 1 Consultation





Installation Services




Want to build or outfit your tiny home or van yourself, but have a few questions you want to ask or work through?  Reach out to us!

Not sure how big your battery bank should be?  Want to debate the pros and cons of flush-mounted trailer floor members?  Maybe you're not sure how best to mount paneling to the inside of your van?

Sometimes the best way to find the answer that's right for you is to talk through it.  Let us put our experience to work for you to offer solutions, alternatives, or validation for anything that might be on your mind.

Looking for more?  We often use this service as an initial phase for a full-scale design and construction.

1-1 Consultation



At the very heart of any build is the layout, the flow within your space.

Whether you're building and adventure rig or your dream tiny home, the space needs to be designed to be both functional and efficient.

We offer several tiers of services within the scope of general design and architectural layouts ranging from a simple 2-D floor plan to an interactive 3-D virtual walk-through.

Geometric Layout



Looking to take your van or tiny home off the beaten path?

Let us help get you up and running with a solar or wind power generation system. 


Looking for water sources?  We can help you design a compact filtration system to fill your potable tanks from a local stream or pond.

Want something more sustainable? We'll help you couple a filtration system with a rainwater collection setup.

Off-Grid Design



We know you have thought about your build through and through, so now is the time to take action.  Our professional build team will go above and beyond to meet your expectations.

We work on anything from full builds to small portions that you may not be willing to take on.  Give us the unknown portion of your project and we will work with you to mesh our design with what you have already done.

Many of our customers are fully in the throws of their DIY builds and reach out to us to install one or two components.  Whether that's a heater in your adventure rig, maybe the solar panels on your tiny house, or even a hitch or running boards, we're here to help!


Let us know what you're looking to have done and we'll let you know what we can do to help!

Installation Services
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