5 Things Commonly Overlooked in a Tiny House Design

We've all been there. In any project, big or small. That one "duh" moment at the end of the project where you think to yourself, "It would have been so much better if I had done it that way from the start?" Well here are 5 things many people overlook when designing a tiny house.

1. Convey roof drainage away from walking areas and entry-ways. Of course this problem can be fixed with the addition of gutters or a detachable awning, but not everyone wants that permanent of a setup. Consider rainwater collection with your roof angles as well!

2. Arrange the home as you wish to live. Sure, it may make sense to put the bedroom up and out of the way, but do you like to sleep in a cooler space? If so, a loft or raised bedroom is a terrible idea for you. Why not raise the bathroom or kitchen instead? This will work wonders for your plumbing drainage as well.