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5 Things Commonly Overlooked in a Tiny House Design

We've all been there. In any project, big or small. That one "duh" moment at the end of the project where you think to yourself, "It would have been so much better if I had done it that way from the start?" Well here are 5 things many people overlook when designing a tiny house.


1. Convey roof drainage away from walking areas and entry-ways. Of course this problem can be fixed with the addition of gutters or a detachable awning, but not everyone wants that permanent of a setup. Consider rainwater collection with your roof angles as well!

2. Arrange the home as you wish to live. Sure, it may make sense to put the bedroom up and out of the way, but do you like to sleep in a cooler space? If so, a loft or raised bedroom is a terrible idea for you. Why not raise the bathroom or kitchen instead? This will work wonders for your plumbing drainage as well.

3. Keep storage solutions simple. Remember, a fancy idea is only fancy if it is also functional. It might seem cleaver to have drawer-ception or hinge-mania to allow access to every nook and cranny of your space, but do not get too fancy with your storage solutions. Often-times, a simple fabric bin is the simplest and most cost-effective solution. Especially in hard to reach places where you will need to remove the bin to access the contents anyway.

4. Place mechanical system where they make sense. You do not want your electrical panel to be on the opposite side of the structure as the bathroom or kitchen, since that is likely where most of your appliances that require electricity will be. A tiny structure may have all the same amenities of an ordinary house, but all those wires still need to fit in four small walls. The same is true with plumbing along with additional considerations for possibility of pipes freezing if placed in exterior walls or floors. Try to keep plumbing in a shared interior wall between the kitchen and bathroom if possible.

5. Place more outlets than you think you will need. Do you have an idea of the number of outlets you will need? Well, double that. And now that you think you have plenty, add like five or ten more in obscure places that you would have never thought of. In the storage loft? You might want to put Christmas lights up there during the holidays. In the closet? Near the ceiling? You might want to put up a shelf and have an electronic picture frame here or maybe Amazon's Alexa. At a desk or computer area? Of course you know this one, but definitely add more outlets than you think you need here. You will not want to waste your precious space with an extension chord.


Now these are only a few things that you may have overlooked. For a more comprehensive design guide, look for our up and coming "How-to" books in our shop.

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