Tiny Architectural Rendering: A complete necessity

If you are really considering a tiny house, you may have already been to a tiny house convention or perhaps even stayed in a tiny Airbnb. This would have helped you get a sense of scale with the designs you visited, but then you probably continue your design and add a cabinet here or there and move the kitchen to the opposite side of the room. What then? Will the room still have the same open feel? Helping answer these questions, are 3D models. The model will allow you to walk around the structure, virtually. Without the need of making costly mistakes during your building process. You can see if the washer door will interfere with the sink vanity or simulate your waking up process as you stumble down the stairs (or ladder?) to get your morning coffee. Is the hand rail in the correct location and does it perform another "happy accident" function? Happy accidents can be designed into your structure with the help of 3D models. Make sure everything has multiple purposes. You don't want your front door to bang into a sharp corner every time it opens. So why not make a coat rack that doubles as a door stop?

I know, that was a lot of questions. And many more can be answered with the help of a 3D architectural model. Our design team can even go as far as incorporating all framing elements, insulation, waterproofing, connections, and mecha