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Sustainable Architecture

An off-grid or efficient structure can only exist through the use of sustainable architectural design. This means more than just creating an appealing design; it means creating a design that uses the strengths of the materials used coupled with the given environment's resources. It means shading the interior in the summertime and exposing the living spaces to the sun's energy in the wintertime. A thermal mass along with strategically placed windows and shades allows a tiny structure to become equivalent to the finest of architecture.

The benefits of deciduous trees which lose their leaves in the wintertime and shade structures from the sun during the summer is a popular method of sustainable architecture implementation, but for a tiny structure that may be moved, much more than this needs to be considered. Tiny Living Consulting works with rendering techniques that allow us to simulate the sun's angle at different times of day and year.

But of course, what is a sustainable building without an appealing design? We ask ourselves.

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