What exactly is off grid?

Off grid will mean something different to each individual but most will agree that it is an attempt to be as self sufficient as possible. That is, not relying on public utilities or "the grid". By default this makes off-grid living a spectrum ranging from the minimalist living off of plants in the woods to someone who incorporates portions of sustainable practice into their life. That is not to say either end of the spectrum is wrong, but rather each individual must find their niche along the spectrum.

People go off grid for different reasons. Perhaps they want to reduce their impact on the natural world or they want to be self reliant on the event of a catastrophe.

The reasons to go off grid often lend themselves to different methods of going off grid. Going off grid can be done completely or in different parts. Electrical, plumbing, gas, food, transportation; all of these components of the home and of your life can be done sustainably and without relying on others.